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Fun stuff I've done lately.

My Greenhouse
What I'm planting this year.

Coyote & Diamond
Pictures and stuff of my dogs.

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My son Max and my friends and in-laws.

My sweetie has a need for speed.

My son the accountant.



Welcome to my blog. I'm a southern gal from Acworth, GA. I've enjoyed designing web sites and browsing the Internet for the last 18 years. I've put this together for all my web Friends & Family.

Check out my recent graduation and celebration party at the Master Gardener's Program on Jerilyn's Journal. Then browse over to Coyote & Diamond for a little dog tale. They won't bite.

If you like gardening, the bulbs will be blooming soon in My Greenhouse. The flowers change with every season. Take a peek at my sweetheart, Pete's page and see what he's got revved up.

The Holland-McGee family

My name is Jerilyn Holland and I'm a web designer from Acworth, GA. I live near Red Top Mountain SP with my hubby Pete and my son Max.


Web Design


My company.

Porsche Rally

Thanks for coming to visit me on my page. I would like to thank my son, Max, for helping me build this site.

Best wishes,

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