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Amana Orange

Heirloom 1984 - Sport from the garden of Gary Staley

· 90 Days, Fluted, 24 oz., Indeterminate

· Flavorful, flute shaped yellow–orange tomato

· Makes slices large enough to cover the bread by themselves

· Irregular shaped, extra-large beefsteak tomato type with intense vibrant flavor

Amish Paste

Heirloom 1885

· 80 Days, Oxheart, 6-8 oz., Indeterminate

· Red, Roma type

· Thick flesh with few seeds

· Excellent canner

· Wisconsin Amish origin

· Largest paste tomato

· Good disease resistance for an heirloom

· Sweet, but more acidic than a standard paste


Anna Russian

Heirloom 1989

· 65-85 Days, Oxheart, 8-16 oz., Indeterminate

· Pink, very juicy fruit

· Thin skin

· Low seeds

· Delicately wispy plant, so don’t worry that something is wrong with your tomato

· Flavor is rated as superb

· Brenda Hellenius of Oregon had received it from her grandfather, who had received it from a neighbor who was a Russian immigrant and said the variety had been in their family garden for generations


Aunt Ruby's German Green

Heirloom 1993

· 79 Days, Oblate, 16 oz., Indeterminate

· Heirloom beefsteak variety

· Slightly flattened

· Can produce 1 lb. of fruit

· Much larger than Green Zebra with a deeper green color, ripens to a soft kiwi green with a slight pink blush inside

· Family bred; release reportedly traces at least two generations in Ruby Arnold’s family back to Germany

· Sweet tomato with a slightly spicy taste



Heirloom late 1800's

· 80 Days, Beefsteak, 15 oz., Indeterminate

· Home garden

· Red Fruits can get as large as 2 lbs.

· Old-fashioned favorite that is extremely popular

· Meaty, small pulp cavity

Acidic flavor

Black Krim

Heirloom late 1800's – Late Blight

· 70 Days, Globe and Oblate, 8-12 oz., Indeterminate

· Black

· Old Russian heirloom

· Originated from the Isle of Krim in the Black Sea

· It is believed that the seed began its spread with Crimean soldiers returning from the war at the end of the 19th century

· Deep maroon, almost black

· The most unique salty twang in its flavor

· Sometimes green shoulder

Excellent fall crop choice

Brandywine Black

Heirloom 1998

· 80 Days, Oblate, 12-16 oz., Indeterminate

· Can become slightly like a beefsteak

· Potato leaf

· Thought to come from a single sport in a field of Brandywine

· It is assumed that there was an accidental cross pollination with either a Cherokee Purple or a Black from Tula that caused the sport

· Distribution began with a small following in Saver sites


Brandywine Pink

Heirloom 1885

· 80-100 Days, Beefsteak, 1-1.5 lbs., Indeterminate

· Potato leaf

· Prone to green shoulders

· Delicious tomato introduced in 1885

· Slowly fell out of distribution due to low production

· Re-introduced in 1982 by Ben Quisenberry who had received the seed from Dorris Sudduth Hill who could trace Brandywine in her family for over 80 years back to an original purchase


Brandywine Red

Heirloom late 1800's/early 1900's

· 80 Days, Oblate Beefsteak, 1-1.5 lbs., Indeterminate

· Potato Leaf

· Brandywine is thought by many to be the best tasting of all the heirlooms


Brandywine Yellow

Heirloom 1890

· 80-100 Days, Beefsteak, 1-1.5 lbs., Indeterminate

· Golden yellow

· Some green shoulders

· Some cracking

· Potato Leaf

· Possibly the reappearance of an old variety Shah, or a sport from the original which is thought to be bred from Shah

· “Re-Found” in 1991 in the garden of Ohioian Barbara Lund

Flavor is more acidic than is normal for a yellow

Cherokee Purple

Heirloom late 1800's

· 80 Days, Oblate, 10-12 oz., Indeterminate

· Very consistently sized and shaped fruit, especially for an heirloom

· Entered distribution in 1991 through Craig LeHoullier

· Passed from John Green of Sevierville, TN who had received it from a neighbor who’s family had received it directly from Cherokee Indians over 100 years previously

· The Cherokee supposedly had been growing it for a long time when the seeds were passed

· Large purple to pink

· Smoky sweet flavor

· Very unusual

· Dusty mauve with purple shoulders

· Very disease resistant and productive in the class of heirlooms


Garden Peach


· 70 Days, Globe, 4 oz., Indeterminate

· This yellow tomato is tiny at only a quarter pound, but don’t underestimate the fresh market appeal

· Super prolific, easy to ripen with attractive appearance intact

· Nearly all meat, it makes a beautiful golden tomato soup

· No need to peel the fine thin skin or remove the tiny lightly dispersed seeds

· Originally from Peru

· Named for the soft fuzz and the delicate blush of pink on the shoulders this perfectly round tomato couldn’t taste better


German Johnson


· 80-90 Days, Oblate, 1-2 lbs., Indeterminate

· Pink

· Produces large sweet fruit

· Crack resistant

· Mild low-acid flavor

· Few seeds

· Good disease resistance

· Excellent for slicing and canning

Meaty with well-defined seed cavities

Giant Belgium

Heirloom 1930's

· 85 Days, Oblate to Fluted, 1-2 lbs., Indeterminate

· Pink

· Extremely large, very sweet

· Low acid

· Widely adapted

· Flesh is dense and meaty

· Sweet flavor

· Meaty with abstract small seed cavities


Golden Jubilee

Heirloom 1943

· 80 Days, Globe, 6-7 oz., Indeterminate

· AAS winner 1943

· Heavy yielding, golden-orange, mild tasting but with good tomato flavor



Heirloom 1917 - VFA

· 75 Days, Globe, 6 oz., Determinate

· Excellent color and flavor

· Crack resistant, uniform

· Parent to the widely loved Rutgers and many others

· Taste and firm flesh make it excellent for canning

· Scarlet color is outstanding at market

Best Heirloom for containers

Mortgage Lifter

Heirloom 1930's

· 85-90 Days, Oblate, 1 lb., Indeterminate

· Can sometimes produce a few beefsteak or fluted

· Pink fruit

· Story has it that the farmer “Radiator Charlie” who developed this variety had such abundant sales, he paid off his mortgage in 3 years


Mr. Stripey

Heirloom 1800's

· 90-95 Days, Globe, 1-3 lbs., Indeterminate

· Can produce some oblate fruits

· Large yellow with pinkish-red stripes

· Brought in the 1800s by Virginian Mennonites

· Exceptionally mild and sweet flavor

Oaxacan Jewel

 (Wa-Hah-Ken) – Heirloom

· 80-85 Days, Fluted, 8-16 oz., Indeterminate

· German yellow coloring

· Beautiful lemony yellow with bright red blushing across the bottom

· Sunset colors swirl through the interior making for a beautiful presentation

· Fruit varies widely in size from half pound to a pound at the same time on each plant

· Thought to be from the mountainous area of Oaxaca Mexico, a southern state with a heavy indigenous Indian population that is still very culturally traditional


Ponderosa Pink

Heirloom 1891

· 80 Days, Beefsteak to Fluted, 12 oz., Indeterminate

· Large pink fruit

· Well flavored sweet tomato

· Even lower in acidity than German Johnson or Giant Belgium

· Meaty with few seeds

· Excellent table tomato

· Can grow up to 2 lbs., but the larger the fruit the more convoluted the shape becomes


Roma VF

Heirloom 1958 - VFLB

· 76 Days, Plum, 5 oz., Determinate

· Very meaty with low number of seeds

· Great for cooking, canning or making sauce

· Excellent drying tomato


Heirloom 1934

· 75 Days, Globe, 8 oz., Determinate

· Unique tangy flavor

· Thick walled, crack resistant

· Bright red color Excellent fall crop choice

· Juiciest of all tomatoes

· Old-time favorite for fresh and canning

Vintage Wine


· 84 Days, Oblate, 12-16 oz., Indeterminate

· This is one of the most beautiful tomatoes

· Flavorful beefsteak

· Red with thin gold, green and orange vertical stripes

· This carnival of a tomato has an acidy sharpness with smooth sweet undertones

· Gorgeous addition to your heirloom selection at market


White Beauty


· 84 Days, Oblate to Beefsteak, 8 oz., Indeterminate

· This delicate little beauty makes a half pound fruit

· Clean creamy white

· Mild smooth flavor, much like a pink tomato

· Sweet and meaty

· Excellent round shape makes it a great slicer

· Resists scarring and cracking making it an excellent addition to the fresh market table

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